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Self Analysis Paper on Why I choose counseling as a Career Self Analysis Paper on Why I choose counseling as a Career

Topic: Self Analysis Paper on Why I choose counseling as a Career

Self Analysis Paper on Why I choose counseling as a Career

Self-Analysis Paper (Content/Self-Analysis 15%, Writing Skills 15%) Prepare a 10-page paper demonstrating your analytical and written communication skills. Include the following:
Reasons for Seeking a Counseling Degree.

Explain your reasons for seeking a counseling degree. The reasons must be rational and well thought out.

•Ideal Counseling Characteristics. Compare and contrast your own personality characteristics with commonly accepted counselor characteristics or “ideal” counselor characteristics. Refer to the Selected Readings Page for this course or go to the Internet or a local university library and find articles in such publications as the Journal for Counseling and Development and the Journal of Mental Health Counseling. In your paper, refer to least two research articles on commonly accepted or “ideal” personality characteristics of counselors in order to compare and contrast your personality characteristics with the “ideal” counselor characteristics.

•Counseling Approach. Analyze how your personality characteristics will affect your counseling approach and counseling style in a counseling setting.

•Functional Transferrable Skills. Identify, describe, and apply relevant functional transferable skills (you may want to refer to the suggested book What Color is Your Parachute).

•Post-Graduate Setting. Realistically project yourself into a post-graduate counseling setting and describe your professional duties.

•The grading criteria for this paper are as follows:

o Spelling: Any misspellings or typographical errors will result in a lower score.
o Sentence structure: All sentences must be complete, well formed, and easy to understand.
o Vocabulary: Vocabulary must be graduate-level and used properly and effectively.
o punctuation: Any punctuation errors will result in a lower score.
o APA: The paper must conform to APA format and style.
o Length: The paper must include 10 pages of text, not including a cover page and reference page(s). Do not include an abstract. If the paper is less than 10 pages or more than 12 pages (not including the cover page and reference page) if will not be graded.9/19/12
6 pm
Presentation of Self-Analysis Paper Prepare a presentation based on the self-analysis paper assigned for this class meeting. The presentation will cover the following three areas you addressed in your paper:

• Why you wish to become a counselor

•The personality characteristics that will help you become an effective counselor

•The activities you expect to perform after graduation and the setting in which you expect to perform them

Rehearse your presentation. It should be five minutes in length and cover the items listed in assignment number 2 above. The grading criteria for the presentation are as follows:

•Organization and preparedness: The presentation is organized in a logical manner, and it is evident that you prepared and practiced.

•Presence: You command and hold the audience’s attention.

•Time constraints are observed: Any deviation by more than 30 seconds will result in a lower score for this criterion.

•Clarity: The presentation is clear and understandable.

•Vocabulary: Word choice and phrasing demonstrate a command of the language.

•Visual aids: Visual aids are used to illustrate the salient points of the presentation.

•Bring a blank videotape to class to tape your oral presentation for your portfolio. Label the spine of the tape with your name.

•Dress professionally. 9/19/12
6 pm

Week Five: Self-Analysis, Group Process, and Interpersonal Skills

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