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class student dicussions answers week 3

class student dicussions answers week 3

respond to (8) other students’ discussion posts. You may agree or disagree with their posting. Or you can add something to their answer, but please remember to be respectful; you are just writing what you think about what reading their post for the week. It will be just like a sit in class discussion with you the teacher and the other students. You can put all answers two pages of work. Also answer the questions with the student’s name instead of just saying student”. PLEASE DON’T JUMBO ANSWERS TOGETHER!
No sources are needed. I have provided an example of how to respond to student post at the bottom of the page in discussion question two.



Disks” Please respond to the following:
• Compare and contrast GUID Partition Table and Master Boot Record. Select the hard disk partition style that you prefer and explain why.
• Analyze the Windows 7 disk tools and choose the one that you believe break out business users and consumers utilize most often and explain why.
Anna question 1
The master boot record (MBR) partition style has been around as long as Windows and is default partition. GUID partition table (GPT) has been around for awhile also, but no x86 version of Windows prior to Vista supports it (XP professional x64 edition does support GPT). The user must choose one of these for a drive because both cannot be used. Both MBR and GPT partition styles support basic and dynamic disks. MBR uses a partition table to point to the locations of the partitions on the disk. This supports volumes up to 2 terabytes in size, and up to either four primary partitions or three primary partitions and one extended partition. One of the ways that GPT differs from MBR is that data critical to platform operations is stored in partitions rather than in hidden sectors. GPT partitioned disks use redundant primary and backup partition tables for improved integrity. GPT specifications permit an unlimited number of partitions, the Windows implementation is restricted to 128 partitions per disk. This also supports volumes up to 18 exabytes in size ( 1 exabyte = 1 billion gigabytes, or 260 bytes).

Fragmentation makes your hard disk do extra work that can slow down your computer. Removable storage devices such as USB flash drives can also become fragmented. Disk Defragmenter rearranges fragmented data so your disks and drives can work more efficiently. Disk Defragmenter runs on a schedule, but you can also analyze and defragment your disks and drives manually. When defragmenting a disk partition, the files stored on the disk are rearranged to occupy contiguous storage locations. The reason I think more individuals use this is because this process increases the access speed to your files by minimizing the time required to read and write files to/from the disk and by maximizing the transfer rate. The system startup time for Windows is also improved.
Michael H. question 2
Because of the new technology advancements as far as drive capacity and speed, I am now more than ever leaning towards the GUID Partition Table. GPT disks also offer more partitions and greater resilience to corruption. I do still use the MBR partition style depending on the particular system I am working with at the present time. That is mainly because many vendors still utilize the MBR technology since it is still predominantly widely used in real world applications. believe that the Disk Management Snap In– Disk Cleanup will be one that will be most utilized because it will enable users to reclaim disk space that is used up by unnecessary files, such as temporary files, setup logs in addition to files in the recycle bin. Keeping the hard disk volume “cleaned up and defragmented” will help improve disk and system performance
The following diagram from the Microsoft TechNet Library provides an example of a typical MBR disk layout.

The following diagram from the Microsoft TechNet Library provides an example of the disk layout for a GPT-based disk

Devices” Please respond to the following:
• Create a scenario in which you would have to supply a device driver yourself. Describe any foreseen issues you may encounter while completing this task for an organization.
• From the e-Activity, choose a hard drive connection that you most frequently use and explain why it is your preference. What do you suspect organizations use?

Michael h question 3
• Create a scenario in which you would have to supply a device driver yourself. Describe any foreseen issues you may encounter while completing this task for an organization.
One situation would be where a new OS has been introduced-installed and it does not provide a device driver for the peripheral device currently in use. This happened some years ago when Windows Vista was introduced and it did not provide device drivers for many of the Epson USB color printers. Windows 7 installation disk included hundreds of device drivers, but the older the operating system gets, the less likely it is to include the latest drivers for the newest devices. p. 136 of text

• From the e-Activity, choose a hard drive connection that you most frequently use and explain why it is your preference. What do you suspect organizations use?
After reading the e-Activity, I did not see any references at all to hard drive connections. I went over it a few times to make sure that I miss anything and it is not there. So I went and did some research and came up with substance for this discussion topic. I am familiar with the IDE and SATA connections. Here at IBM I am seeing both types of


Anna question 4
The Windows 7 installation disk includes hundreds of device drivers, but the older the operating system gets, the less likely it is to include the latest drivers for the newest devices. In the cases, the hardware manufacturer should be contacted to obtain the drivers that are needed and they would have to be manually installed. In order to not come across this scenario, it is recommended to check the manufacturer’s Web site for the latest drivers before installing the new hardware. Keeping up with the drivers for all devices can be difficult and keep in mind whether or not each driver update is necessary.

Hard disks are seem to be the biggest preferences of not only myself but also of businesses. This is because user and specialists can prepare a hard disk to store data by performing certain tasks before the computer can use it. Without the hard disk being used, there would be no formal operating system on the computer. When it comes to personal files, I do not use the hard drive that is implemented in the machine. I rather use either an external hard drive or a flash drive.

Bad News” Please respond to the following:
• Describe an experience of either sending or receiving a bad news message. If sending the message, identify the hardest part in creating it. If receiving the message, explain the influence of how the message was written on your reaction.
Stephanie question 5
Two month ago I received a bad news message through email at my workplace about how a co-worker had finally passed away. Jane was her name and she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. She left work to get better 7 months prior, and the doctor gave her 3 months just after being diagnosed. After reading the email one of our team leaders went around to see how everyone had taken the news.
My influence upon receiving the email was trying to be positive with my coworkers I work in my office. One was pretty upset and sad because she had known her for 5 years, while the other was devastated because not only did she know her for 5 years but she also work with her. This made it hard on her. Since, I knew her for 2 years and had little contact with her it made it not so sad for me.
I never much added comments about her when they girls I work with started talking about memories of Jane. I try to show respect and speak only positive about Jane’s passing to help the girls remember that Jane is no longer in pain and that she deserve to be in peace.
This was one of the most uncomfortable messages ever received.

MUHAMMAD question 6
I sell on EBay and occasionally I get contacted by a customer who was not happy with a product that was received. Depending on the product description and EBay’s policy, sometimes I am unable to refund or exchange an item. When responding to a customer with a bad news letter, the hardest part for me is explaining why I could not fix the problem without making the person angry. I have used the Inductive approach without knowing what it was called. First I would address the customer by validating their issue and thanking them for contacting me. Following that, I usually give them the reasons I can’t solve the problem. This may be because of time lapsed or a “as is” item. I then give them an alternative choice like actually contacting the manufacturer, PayPal, or EBay since they may be covered under buyer protection. I always finish up the letter with saying that if they need further assistance in this matter to contact me.
It is upsetting to find out that a problem cannot be resolved but with the appropriate communication the buyer will understand and hopefully be able to solve it with the information provided


Art of Persuasion” Please respond to the following:
• Explain whether or not you are easily persuaded and describe what it takes to persuade you.


Leonard question 7
I used to be easy to persuade. In the past it would take hardly anything to persuade me. As long as it was legal, I would do anything for anybody. Even if I knew they were taking advantage of me. But after last year, I learned my lesson. I was easily persuaded, and it ended up costing me lots of money. Just because I let people I did not know persuade me. I ended up being scammed and hit hurt just because I was being so easy to convince. But if you know me now, I am the hardest person to persuade. The number one thing that it takes to persuade me, is I have to trust you. Also if it comes to a kid being hungry, if I’m able, I would do anything in my power to help his/her family.
Stephanie question 8

I would consider myself to be hard person to persuade because I don’t really open myself other than my family. As our chapter 8 states, to be a successful persuader you must identify the concerns of the receiver.
My family I believe know what to say when persuading me. For example, In 2005 my family wanted to move to Panama, Panama. I was just graduating high school and I didn’t want to move. They started telling me how it was just going to be a temporary move, that there was a Florida State University campus, and how I can move back to the states by myself after I finish my AA.
I was convinced because at the time my interest was college, my degree AA and living independently. So I said If I go for 2 years to Panama to basically complete my AA and come back to live by myself I win. However, that did not turn the way it was planed. I ended up staying 4 years and completed my AA in the US because I moved.
So for me to get persuade, they would have to state my main interest, and compliment me, and physically show me some type of results


Here Examples of how to reply to their answers.
James question 1
This is the case. Optimization models find the best outcome from a set of possible alternatives. A simple example is, when transporting goods and services, there are many ways to transport the commodities from the supplier to the demand market. The supplier will have to choose the most convenient mode of transport depending on the type of commodities being transported, the destination of the commodities, the cost of transportation, durability of the commodities and the accessibility of the place where the commodities are destined.
Christopher Smith question 2
I agree with Smith. Nonlinear optimization and nonlinear programming are similar. They both involve finding the minimum or maximum in a set of unfamiliar real variables. A good example is how petroleum products are usually transported, that is transportation from production point to the end user involves a wide range of modes of transport which include tank ships, rail tankers and pipelines. Each mode of transport here has disadvantages but are nonetheless each used in the transportation of petroleum products from the source to the end user.





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