Disaster Response- FEMA

Disaster Response- FEMA

Disaster Response- FEMA

The article by Mayer and DeBoiser concludes with this recommendation: �Entirely eliminate certain types of disasters from FEMA’s portfolio� severe storms and tornadoes tend to be localized events that, while causing property damage and even sometimes costing lives, rarely outstrip the abilities of state and local governments to provide recovery and repair relief.� Using the Mayer and DeBoiser article plus other relevant materials from this week�s readings, review both the impact of recent tornadoes in Virginia, FEMA�s decision to deny the request for federal disaster aid and the governor�s subsequent decision to once again appeal the FEMA decision (http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/2011/may/17/va-will-appeal-denial-us-storm-disaster-assistance-ar-1045283/). (Meola, 2011) You may also wish to review the governor�s appeal to the private sector to donate to Virginia�s disaster recovery
OR this one:
Try this link: http://www.fema.gov/pdf/news/pda/062311_denial_virginia.pdf


Disaster Response

Disasters such as floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires among others strike localities of varying magnitude. It is the responsibility of the government and the communities to come to the aid of those affected. However, the greatest challenge is how resources should be allocated and the responsible agencies to lead in any response initiative. In the United States, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been responsible for responding to almost every disaster.

In Virginia, about 24 tornadoes hit the state, leaving ten people dead and destruction of property. Regarding residences affected, 149 were destroyed, 100 experienced significant damages, 158 minor damages affecting a total of 737 residences (Meola, 2011). Mayer and DeBoiser (2010) concluded that the federal government had been left to respond to every disaster eve of the magnitude that can be successfully addressed promptly if proper budgets are allocated at the state and county levels. However, if FEMA cannot respond to disasters of a ‘smaller’ magnitude, it’s the local communities that will significantly suffer. Practically, immediate response to save lives and property is costly, but not as expensive as restoring the relevant service such as communication lines, gas, and transport network among others. This is until legislations are passed to classify the categories of disasters to be responded by the local, state or federal government.
FEMA’s decision to deny the request for federal disaster aid will have both long-term and short-term effects. In the short-term, the recovery efforts in the state will be slow if the state does not have an adequate budget allocation. However, in the long-term, the state will prepare well for responding to disaster by allocating more budgets, recruiting qualified personnel and acquiring necessary equipment. The governor’s subsequent decision to once again appeal the FEMA decision might be inconsequential, however, if the appeal was to request FEMA to temporarily support the state in responding to disasters while it is setting up its response department that would be excellent. According to the governor, the immediate response, which has a significant impact, is from the communities, faith-based organizations, private businesses, nonprofit organizations and the private sector (Meola, 2011). They offer acclaimed financial, physical and emotional support, which cannot be provided by the federal government. In essences, the state and the federal government ought to work together in responding to the disaster.

Mayer, M. & DeBoiser, M. (2010). Federalizing disasters weakens FEMA–and hurts Americans hit by catastrophes. Retrieved from: https://www.heritage.org/homeland-security/report/federalizing-disasters-weakens-fema-and-hurts-americans-hit-catastrophes
Meola, O. (2011). Va. will appeal the denial of U.S. storm disaster assistance. Retrieved from: http://www.richmond.com/news/article_b3481999-2bf8-54dd-a4ab-d42c98b27ce5.html


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