Bank Regulation; Regulation in Banking

Bank Regulation.

Bank Regulation
Bank Regulation
Is regulation in banking effective

Specifically, you will be expected to formulate a relevant specific research question into the topic chosen; Bank Regulation

Then you will need to identify, clearly describe and justify the methods you will use to answer the research question and then conduct a small scale research investigation where collected data is analysed using appropriate analytic techniques.

You may use software tools to help with the analysis, for example quantitatively using analytics software such as Minitab, SPSS, STATA etc., or qualitatively using QDAS such as Nvivo or ATLAS.ti. MS Excel is also a popular spread sheet tool for basic data analysis.

Note that the emphasis should be on the understanding of the data analytic process irrespective of what tools are actually used.

The project output should incorporate elements of;

(i) an introduction,

(ii) a relevant literature review,

(iii) details on the study design,

(iv) explanation of the analysis performed and discussion of the results;

It should be presented in the form of a portfolio of not more than 4800 words, using appropriate reporting conventions and ensuring all sources are cited and referenced using the Harvard style (you need to consider what to include in the body of your Essay and what to include in the appendices and be as creative as possible.

Essential information must be included in the body of the Essay and will be counted in the word count. Extra illustrative information may be included in the appendices.


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Seventeen Syllables Summary

Seventeen Syllables.

Seventeen Syllables
Seventeen Syllables

Discuss Rosie’s feelings and her fear to hurt others because of the culture she is identifies with… “Seventeen Syllables “ by Hisaye Yamamoto.

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Handmaid Tale Season 1, 2 Review

Handmaid Tale.

Handmaid Tale
Handmaid Tale

Handmaid Tale review

Write an review on handmaids tale season 1&2. Must be very detailed with the use of characters name.

Did you like it, why or why not. Which characters did you like? Why? Always think of why.

Did you like the way season 2 ended, why or why not?

What can you predict about season 3?

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Study Within A Review (SWAR)

Study Within A Review.

Study Within A Review
Study Within A Review

Systematic Evidence Based Healthcare; Study Within A Review

Describe a particular challenge or aspect of the conduct of a systematic review and present either their way of dealing with this or the approach that they would take to deal with it.

-one or both of the assignments can take the form of the outline for a SWAR (Study Within A Review), in which the particular challenge and a possible solution to it would be presented using the SWAR template, outlining the design of a study that could provide evidence to resolve the challenge.

-This outline would include information on;

  • the background to the SWAR,
  • its objective,
  • the area of the study to be investigated,
  • any interventions or actions that would be compared (and the method for allocating to different interventions or actions),
  • the outcome measures to determine the effects of the interventions or actions and
  • how these would be analysed, and any possible problems in implementing this SWAR.
  1. Is the question/issue to be addressed clearly described?
  2. Is an appropriate technique chosen to address this question/issue?
  3. Are alternative techniques, and the reasons for not using them, clearly described?
  4. Have they identified potential sources of information and/or relevant information adequately?
  5. Is their answer to the question (or their reason for not being able to answer it at this time) clear?

Question Objective

Determining eligibility criteria- decide the types of participants who are eligible for your review

-decide on the types of intervention that are eligible for your review

-decide the types of outcome measure that should be reported in your review

-prepare a summary describing the types of participants, interventions, outcome measures and study design that would be eligible for your review background

Interventions and compactors

Method for allocating to intervention or compactor

Data Extraction-

discuss the rationale for obtaining complete data for review

Discuss the data extraction for some review;
  • Appraise a data extraction form
  • Outcome measures
  • Analysis plans
  • Possible problems implementing


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