Correctness; Reading Response


First, be sure to do Wednesday’s reading and then answer the following:

Williams portrays correctness as “historical accident”.

How are the “rules of grammar” of Standard Written English (SWE) based in “historical accident”?

How does Williams suggest that we navigate these “rules of grammar” some of which have dubious bases of authority?

Can we ignore the rules of standard English entirely? How might that be dangerous?

Should we follow all of the rules all the time? How might that be detrimental?

Second, choose just one of the many “invented rules” that Williams details on pages 17-26.

Have you ever been taught this “rule” before?

How easy or difficult is it for you to understand and follow?

What do you understand about it? What don’t you?

Try to create your own an example of this “rule” (one that Williams hasn’t used).

Response Paper; Essay Questions

Response Paper.

Response Paper
Response Paper

The Response Paper questions have essay requirements associated with them. They should be written in a “scholarly” way.

A scholarly written response begins with an introductory sentence that restates the question or defines what you are writing about.

Next the essay addresses the question or problem; then closes with a conclusion and a proper APA reference.

Pride And Prejudice; Production Response

Pride And Prejudice.

Pride And Prejudice
Pride And Prejudice
Production Response Guidelines  Assignment:

For one of the plays presented by Purdue Theater this semester, you will write a production response after attending the Pride And Prejudice play.

Please note the submission dates below (late submissions will not be accepted):

o Pride & Prejudice: beginning of class March 4
o Spring Awakening: beginning of class April 29

The production response must be formatted in the following manner:

Font: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12
Line Spacing: 1.5


Use the following 7 discussion points to formulate your response.


What were your expectations from this experience?

Were you looking forward to attending the play or dreading it?


What is the story or plot?

In five sentences or less, succinctly describe the plot or story of the play in your own words.

Be certain to describe the given circumstances, complication, and climax of the play.


Briefly describe your three favorite characters. How did you respond to each character?

Did you identify with the character (i.e. do you see any aspect of yourself in the character)?

4. IDEA:

What were the major themes (a distinct, recurring, and unifying quality or idea) of the play?

In other words, what message was the play trying to convey?

How were the themes revealed to you?

5. MUSIC (Voice, Music, and Sound) AND SPECTACLE (Blocking, Design Elements) IN PERFORMANCE:

What visual (what you saw) or aural (what you heard) choices made the most impact on you as an audience member?

What choices were successful? What choices were unsuccessful?


What is your opinion of the play? Did you enjoy the play? Why or why not?


Would you recommend this play to others? Why or why not?

Book Review: Personal Response

Book Review.

Book Review
Book Review

Write a Book Review on America’s War on Sex by Marty Klein, PhD OR Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski,PhD OR The Guide to Getting It On by Paul Joannides, PsyD

Choose which book you would prefer to read. Complete the form (in class) and sign up for a small group meeting by the identified deadline. Groups list –with meeting date, time & place will be posted on canvas.

Read book and complete #2 so you can submit hard copy at your small group meeting date (#3).

Write a paper in three sections.

A. Identify two specific concepts/passages/topics/issues about which you want your best friend to know.

Do not summarize the text, but use your voice to recount and teach to your BFF. You are welcome to quote and follow APA format, but it’s not necessary.

It’s your voice I prefer to read. Label this section of your paper, “I want you to know” and it should be 2 pages minimum.

B. Discuss THE most important take-away for you.

This should be different than what you told your BFF or perhaps relate it, but this section should not be a repeat.

Address something specific or in general relating to or prompted by the book that;

(a) impacted you personally…both your emotional and intellectual selves. Then write about (b) how and (c) why THIS impacted you.

Label this section of your paper “I got tweaked when…” and it should be 2 pages minimum.

C. Offer ideas for addressing your take-away (B.) in the general population / larger culture or you can choose a specific population (athletes, middle school students, parents, etc).

Your approach might be an ad campaign, legislation based, altering medical practice, reorganizing a department, creating an organization, pertain to parenting or school programming, etc.

The ideas are as imaginative and creative as you choose them to be. Label this section of your paper “Here’s what I think we should do…” and it should be 2 pages minimum.

In sum:

This is your opportunity to express yourself by teaching someone you care about, identifying something you care about, and then critically thinking through and offering some pro-active ideas for the masses.

I expect your response to be genuine, reflective, relevant, and your own work.

All sections of the paper will be;
  • typed,
  • double spaced and
  • 12 point font
  • Use college level writing skills.

Small group will meet one time for 1.5 hours. Each group member is to identify and present on their respective paper (#2).

After a paper is presented, the group will discuss, and members will have an opportunity to react/respond, share and/or commiserate.

The same respect and “love in your heart” attitude we have in our classroom, as well as sense of appreciation and value for others’ thoughts and feelings, is required for an effective, mutually beneficial small group experience.

The Group Facilitator will have a sign-in sheet. Tardiness or non-attendance or rescheduling will result in a loss of points. Copious notes will be taken by a Group Member during meeting.

Decide who with your UA Group Facilitator at the beginning of the meeting who will do this task.

Each group member’s name should be typed at the beginning of the doc along with the title of the book, date, time and place. Email to richelle at at your small group meeting end.

Label these notes “Small group discussion rocks!”.

UA Group Facilitator will collect group members’ papers + sign in sheet in 1 folder.

The outside of the folder should have the;
  • title of your group,
  • book title,
  • date,
  • place of meeting,
  • Group Facilitator’s name and
  • each group members’ name.