Nestle; Strategic Brand Management Report



Write a report on the branding strategy of Nestle, A Strategic Brand Management Report, including analysis (either positive or negative)and recommendations for the Nestle.

The focus is on the brand. Remember to use the different conceptual models/frameworks as presented in the reference books.

Some possible Format ‘headings’

Although it is best not to be too prescriptive in giving a ‘pro forma’ that hinders your creativity, it is crucial that you include some headings rather than an essay type continuous piece of writing.

The following are some you might like to consider although you could also combine some of these, and use wording that feels most natural for yourself;

Introduction –

simply and briefly about the organisation and brands selected

Brand Elements –

what is the assessment of the brand at present and historically, from possibly reports/case studies and your own analysis

Brand Strategy –

by identifying the elements and analyse their current/recent brand strategy

Marketing communications integration –

how well is the communication integrated into the overall strategy of the brand. This is not about their communication strategy but how it reinforces the brand

Growing/sustaining the brand-

what is the outlook for the brand

Brand Portfolio-

although this topic will only be discussed in class after the deadline it would be good if you try to look at the brand portfolio and include it in your report


final summary of your analysis


for change/continuation of the brand strategy


remember to include referencing at the end of the report and in the text of your report. Use Harvard Referencing Style

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Fictional Crime Fighters; Case Study

Fictional Crime Fighters.

Fictional Crime Fighters
Fictional Crime Fighters
Case Study 500 Words (Not Including Title Or Resource Page)

Choose a specific fictional crime-fighting character from the entertainment media and analyze his/her construct based on the readings and discussions assigned through this week.

Also identify the typical fictional criminal type generally encountered by the crime fighter.

Explain how the characters do or do not conform with the frames presented in class readings, compare/contrast the character with genuine crime fighters and criminals

Explain how the fictional construct supports or contradicts the image of crime fighters and criminals as perceived by the public.

Must cite any outside sources used, APA format required
A minimum of 500 words
Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12

Literature Review; Literature Report Writer

Literature Review.

Literature Review
Literature Review

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The document should cover the following points, such as Geriatric Care Scenario – Global, Japan & India, Existing problems and solutions, Need – gap analysis .

Plagiarism percentage should be (10%), try to reduce it. A proper referencing system should be followed (either IEEE or APA are recommended)

Now its time to explore your writing skills. Duration is with in this month end. less

Volkswagen Diesel Car (VW) Scandal Report

Volkswagen Diesel Car.

Volkswagen Diesel Car
Volkswagen Diesel Car

Investigate and research the Volkswagen Diesel Car Scandal that was first reported, worldwide, in the late summer, early autumn of 2015.

It is claimed that VW wrote software, for the engine management systems of many models of its diesel cars, that is able to detect whether each individual car is being tested for its exhaust emissions or whether the that same car is being driven on the open road.

When being tested the car emits less poisonous exhaust emissions. On the road it emits more.

What are the social and ethical issues ? only of 200 words each 100 word.

Social issues should include how the consumers are affected not about the pollution or health affect

It should include how the costumers are affected due to the car, and what are facing due to this scandal