West Lake Landfill EPA Comment

West Lake Landfill.

West Lake Landfill
West Lake Landfill

Your assignment is to write a comment on West Lake Landfill as if you were sending a comment in to the EPA.

The EPA is accepting comments either as an email or through their online form, so I am asking you to write your comments as you would a formal email (i.e., with Greetings, the body of the email and then salutations at the end).

For the assignment, you will write a 250 – 500 word paper, typed in 12 point font. This is the equivalent of ½ to 1 page, single-spaced.

Electronic waste (E-Waste)

Electronic waste.

Electronic waste
Electronic waste

A study on Electronic waste;

Answer 4 questions after reading the attached article;

1-What new terms were introduced?
2-Which e-waste problems were presented?
3-What did you learn?
4-Which contribution can you do to help solve the e-waste problems?