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The following questions are to be answered for the University of Southern California personal statement supplemental application. Each question is to be answered separately and in approximately 800 words each. I will include a copy of my resume and other personal statement so that you have some background on myself. The questions are:

1. How have your personal experiences informed your understanding of the human condition? For this question you should summarize what you believe you have learned about the nature of humanity and how that will impact your tenure as a student at UCSF and your future as a pharmacist.

2. Explain how your educational, employment or other extracurricular experiences have provided you an opportunity to actively address issues of diversity and/or health disparities. How will these experiences help you to succeed in our Doctor of Pharmacy program and in the pharmacy profession? An increasingly diverse society in America has significant implications for the future practice of pharmacy. At UCSF, addressing issues of diversity and health disparities are values we hold close. In this question you are asked to use examples from your own experiences in addressing these issues and how they will help you succeed in our program and in the profession.

3. In a class of 122 highly qualified students, which of your personal characteristics will make you stand out as an individual? Discuss your personal uniqueness. The theme of this essay is different from that of the Personal Statement and, therefore, the two essays should not be the same. This Candidate’s Statement should reflect who you are and what is meaningful to you. It should provide us with insight about your character and how you came to be the person you are today. You should pay particular attention to describing the unique qualities and personal characteristics that you believe separate you from the other candidates.
Like all writing segments of the application, this essay is also an opportunity to demonstrate a complex level of thought and critical thinking skills consistent with a professional, graduate-level degree program. Your discussion points should be presented in a logically cohesive manner and supported by relevant examples.

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