Desiccation Of Sea Grass; Research Paper


A research paper talking about how desiccation of sea grass is the primary factor determining intertidal zonation in inter-tidal areas rocky and salt marsh alike.

With an intro explaining why this is such an issue and what other biotic/abiotic factors cause death and zonation to sea grass as well.

Main body explaining stress and impacts to sea-grass then the adaptations it has to these stress and then why it is the primary factor with back up from sources.

And finally a conclusion wrapping everything up and finishing the argument while explaining why the other abiotic/biotic stress aren’t as detrimental.


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Murray-Darling Basin Investigation

Murray-Darling Basin.

Murray-Darling Basin
Murray-Darling Basin

This assessment allows you to provide evidence of reflection and evaluation of an issue which affects the sustainable use of the Murray-Darling Basin.

This is particularly relevant to us as it is the medium used for our canoeing expedition.

PART A: Pre-trip research: (1000 – 1500 words)

You will choose one topic question from the list below.

You will undertake an investigation, through researching primary and/or secondary sources of information about issues affecting the sustainable use of the Murray Darling Basin:

➢ Salinity –
  • What is salinity and how and where does it impact the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin?
➢ Blue Green Algae –
  • What causes Blue Green Algae?
  • How does BGA impact the Murray-Darling Basin?
  • What are the solutions? Where do the outbreaks occur?
➢ Weirs / Water Flow –
  • What is the purpose of weirs?
  • When and why were they constructed?
  • How have these impacted on the water flow of the Murray River (present a balanced view – useful and non-useful outcomes)
➢ Introduced Species –
  • What were the common introduced species?
  • How were they introduced?
  • Describe the impact of the introduced species on the Murray Darling system (present a balanced view –useful and non-useful outcomes)
➢ Agriculture in the Murray-Darling Basin –
  • What industries draw on water from the MDB?
  • How is Irrigation and Farming Practices regulated?
  • Which States/Territories benefit the most from the MDB?
  • Are there any conflicts relating to using the MDB for agriculture and
  • What solutions are available?
➢ Recreational Use/Overuse –
  • Who uses the MDB for recreation?
  • What is the impact of human recreational use?
  • How is this regulated?
➢ Indigenous uses of the Murray-Darling Basin –
  • Describe the historical significance of the MDB to Indigenous people of South Australia.
  • Relate the Dream time story to the MDB and describe the flora and fauna that can be found along the MDB.
➢ Other – (by negotiation with teacher)
  • Your research will be collated with the headings in report format as presented below:
Introduction: (100 – 150 words)

Description of where your topic impacts in the Murray Darling and the Murray Darlings’ importance to Australia.

Describe the problems associated with the issue you chose and explain how they are occurring

Main Investigation: (600 – 800 words)

Discuss the solutions that have been considered to address these problems.

Conclusion: (100 – 150 words)

Evaluate which solutions you consider would be the most effective to ensure the sustainable use of the Murray Darling.


Include an accurate and appropriate bibliography or reference (Primary and Secondary sources)

PART B: Expedition sharing:

3 copies of A 4 Summary of your topic (laminated) and presented on the Canoe expedition

PART C: Reflection and Evaluation:

Create a page on the Blog called “Reflection and Evaluation”.

Include the following information:

Planning and Management:
  • Overview – (including dates, venue, mode of transport)
  • Details of group – Who went (includes staff, student names, year level, what subject)
  • Route Card and Map – A good copy of the one taken on camp – scanned
  • Risk Assessment Plan – Uploaded copy of your RAP onto the Blog – Risk Assessment
  • Menu Plan – A good copy of the one made in class
Environmental Observations and Management:

Weather​Describe the conditions encountered each day and at night in detail focusing on all of the weather conditions (precipitation, cloud cover and type, temperature, wind) – 3 day weather forecast

Terrain​Describe the water conditions you paddled on and analyse the least and most challenging experience. Discuss any other interesting features that you encountered in relation to the route.

Navigation​Discuss the decisions made and challenges faced in relation to navigation. What did you learn? What were the challenges?

Observations of Park Management

Discuss the different types of camp sites, facilities, tracks, signage etc. witnessed while on camp. Explain the reasons for these in relation to park management.

Environmental Observations

Discuss the flora and fauna seen on camp using the correct terminology.

Indigenous Perspectives

Demonstrate an awareness of the indigenous perspectives in regard to their occupation of the land and its use.

Reflection and Evaluation: (Personal and Group Development)
Reflect upon the three areas below:
  • Group Dynamics – describe how you thought the groups worked together and mention any individual roles that stood out.
  • First Aid / Safety Were there any incidents or potential incidents?
  • Leadership Styles, Techniques and Issues. (Explain what to do as a leader, how and why you did it, how effective it was and discuss why)

Concluding personal statement

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Human Ecology And Health

Human Ecology.

Human Ecology
Human Ecology
  1. Identify a Health, Human or Ecological Topic for Analysis.
  2. Describe the topic and how it relates to the Course, Course Concepts and/or principles.
  3. Analyze the Decision-Making Process (Human) or the Environmental (Ecological) application that is used for your topic
  4. What is the reason for your interest or analysis?
  5. What changes or recommendations should be made?
  6. Would you try to influence your area of interest?
    Why or why not? How?

Note: The 6-8 page paper must be typed (12-14 point font), with separate reference (scholarly using MLA, APA or Scientific) and title page.

  1. Term Paper for Health; Water or Air Quality(Indoor), Asthma, Food Safety, Nutrition , GMO’s vs Organic, Obesity, Drugs and addictions
  2. Term Paper for Human Ecology; Poverty, Housing, Wastes, Sanitation, Food Security and, Human Hazards (Radiation, and Pesticides); or School Dropouts, Juvenile delinquency and Crime
  3. Natural Hazards (Fire, Flood, Freezing, Earthquakes), and Disease epidemiology (Ebola, malaria etc.)
  4. Science information/data/research can be used for advocacy of a special interest group, showing differences of expert s, contrasting positions and taking-sides or showing the trade-offs.
  • How are Impacts or hazards measured or assessed? i.e. cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment, or health/ecological thresholds/indicators.
  • What are the time frames for decisions? Emergency, Law
  • Enforcement procedures, planning process
  • Is there an environmental health strategy; Health
  • Education/Promotion, Design with Nature, pollution prevention, or environmental enhancement.