Michael Joseph Jackson;Music Paragraph

Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael Joseph Jackson
Michael Joseph Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson;

250 -300 words
My Girl by The Temptations
My girl song Michael Jackson

Now that you have listened to “My Girl” with the listening guide provided, go to your Journal and write a one paragraph response about the song.

In your response (as you will for all your responses in the future), list the title of the song in quotation marks first (ex. “My Girl”).

Then, begin to describe the rhythm, melody and harmony as you hear them in the example as best you can in words. Don’t worry if you feel awkward or unsure about what the definitions of these the words above me. Just do your best.

After you’ve described the song, now tell me your opinion of the song, i.e. do you like like? not like it? like some of it, but not all of it? What parts and why?

The most important thing is that you give me a clear opinion about what you think of the song and then tell me why you do or do not like it or parts of it.

Listening Response assignments will always have three parts to them:
  • Describe the music, using musical terms like melody, harmony, etc. as best you can
  • Give me your opinion, even if it’s mixed (i.e. you like certain things and not others)
  • Be specific about why, even giving examples from the selection when appropriate to illustrate your reasons

Broadway Theater Musical Review

Broadway Theater.

Broadway Theater
Broadway Theater

I need 4 pages Broadway Theater Broadway musical review of The Play That Goes Wrong play. I upload the temple. It must be fit the temple.


We will see at least 6 productions this semester. You need to write reaction papers to 5 of the productions. You can write a 6th reaction paper as extra credit.


Your assignment is to examine any two elements of the drama
(PLOT, CHARACTER, THOUGHT, DICTION, MUSIC, or SPECTACLE) as shown in the play that you witnessed.

Use the chapter that I gave you as a guide when discussing the elements you choose.

The chapter concisely summarizes Aristotle’s thoughts about the functions of those “elements” as they operate in the dramatic action of a play.

USE THE CHAPTER AS YOUR GUIDE when discussing the elements you choose. It will help you structure your discussion.

  • You should discuss your overall personal reaction to the production.
  • Then discuss the first element you chose. (Use the chapter to guide your discussion.)
  • Discuss the second element you chose. (Use the chapter to guide your discussion.)
  • Finally, discuss how those two elements interacted in the production.
  • A concluding paragraph
  • Personal reaction:25 points
  • First element: 25 points
  • Second element: 25 points
  • Interaction of both elements: 15 points
  • Grammar, punctuation, presentation: 10 points

Beyoncé;Response to Lemonade Video


Description: Response to Lemonade

Your goal for this assignment is to pick a particular part of Beyoncé’s lemonade video—you could pick one song, you could pick one topic—clothes, food, etc. and explain your interpretation.

In class, we will discuss many different aspects of the video album, so pick a topic that is most interesting to you. Then, write an essay discussing or demonstrating your analysis.

We have read a few articles, where authors picked a specific topic to discuss in relation to Beyoncé. Consider their specificity in analyzing each topic.

You would not want to simply state that you are discussing heritage in Lemonade. You could, however, state that you wanted to analyze the Creole elements in one particular song.


Narrow down a topic. Pick 2 to 3 scenes to analyze. Write 2-3 page essay.

STEM;Science, Technology, Engineering and Math



Science, Technology, Engineering and Math(STEM) is an emerging field. It often overlooks the Art and Music.

STEAM is Art+ STEM. Please research for a scholarly presentation the emerging research that demonstrates – not only how Art and Music is integrated in STEM, but more importantly how Art and Music can be used to help teach STEM discipline.