An essay for admittance into the UMass Amherst University Without Walls Degree Progam

An essay for admittance into the UMass Amherst University Without Walls Degree Progam

A personal statement discussing how your experiences led you to the decision to apply for a UMass Amherst degree program. We encourage you to describe your educational goals, including the focus of you academic interests, as well how you think UMass Amherst can help you meet your goals.
Above is the essay instructions my educational goals are: to acquire a bachelors degree in Social Science with a minor in Political Science and become a secondary school teacher. It has been about 16 years since I have been a student, so please write something positive about being a mature student. If you could also mention how I admire UMass Amherst faculty teaching philosophy and would love to be admitted into the University Without Walls Program.

Admission After Exclusion

Admission After Exclusion
As you seek readmission after exclusion you must provide full details of your case for readmission to
tertiary study. Factors such as changed circumstances, academic or vocational performance, maturity and
motivation may be considered in assessing your case for readmission to tertiary study.
Please read the files I will attach to get an idea of my current situation and how my life has changed.
NOTE: only use the document as a basic, please heavily concentrate on the changes circumstances, maturity and vocations performance.

Responses for the emails

imagine you are an accountant and come into work to find several urgent emails waiting for you to respond.

The first email is from jacob, the president of a new division that has been started in the south-east to manufacture customized electrical components. After the first two months he feels that his sales cost are out of control.

Respond to Andrew with a prescription for control systems that he can put into place to forecast, monitor and control sales expenses.
The second email is from Brenda the head of production. Brenda wants to purchase an offset press to print manuals instead of purchasing them from local print shops. In the past the life of a product was several years and changes were minor. Today the product life cycle is less than 6 months and manuals are developed concurrent to the productions startup.
What information will Brenda need to get the equipment approved in the capital budget?
Prepare responses for the emails from Andrew and Brenda.


Course Objectives:
Discuss the role of performance measures in an organization. Use effective communication techniques. Use capital budgeting to evaluate investment proposals.
Use cost-volume-profit analysis to evaluate the financial consequences of alternative decisions. Examine the various forms of responsibiltiy centers and control systems.