Court Order; SCC Case Analysis

Court Order.

Court Order
Court Order

R.v.Ke – SCC Case; Court Order

The writer needs to work on this specific part only as the rest is done.

*Ruling of the Court (16 marks) *the ruling of the Court.

*Your analysis MUST address the specific issues (16 marks) I will attach a link for the article mentioned once I have chosen the writer.

*Also I need it to be 1500 words but I couldn’t choose this option so noting it here.

*As explained in class, what I am looking for is your analysis of the SCC decision in your case.

*Do not merely report the outcome of this case; analyze it so you demonstrate to me you can understand what you read.

*You demonstrate that understanding through your written articulation.

**Please refer to the rubric.attached**

Prepare an analysis of the case that sets out the following:

         the case citation (1 mark)

         a synopsis of the events that led to the appeal (3 marks)

         the legal arguments presented by each side (5 marks)

         the ruling of the Court. Your analysis MUST address the specific              issues (16 marks)

         Spelling, grammar and proper use of APA citation style (5                          marks)

         In class group presentation (10 marks)

*Spelling, grammar, APA citations (5 marks)


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Bank Regulation; Regulation in Banking

Bank Regulation.

Bank Regulation
Bank Regulation
Is regulation in banking effective

Specifically, you will be expected to formulate a relevant specific research question into the topic chosen; Bank Regulation

Then you will need to identify, clearly describe and justify the methods you will use to answer the research question and then conduct a small scale research investigation where collected data is analysed using appropriate analytic techniques.

You may use software tools to help with the analysis, for example quantitatively using analytics software such as Minitab, SPSS, STATA etc., or qualitatively using QDAS such as Nvivo or ATLAS.ti. MS Excel is also a popular spread sheet tool for basic data analysis.

Note that the emphasis should be on the understanding of the data analytic process irrespective of what tools are actually used.

The project output should incorporate elements of;

(i) an introduction,

(ii) a relevant literature review,

(iii) details on the study design,

(iv) explanation of the analysis performed and discussion of the results;

It should be presented in the form of a portfolio of not more than 4800 words, using appropriate reporting conventions and ensuring all sources are cited and referenced using the Harvard style (you need to consider what to include in the body of your Essay and what to include in the appendices and be as creative as possible.

Essential information must be included in the body of the Essay and will be counted in the word count. Extra illustrative information may be included in the appendices.


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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Civil and Alternative Dispute Resolution

In light of your understanding of the civil and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, consider the following scenario:

Pete was seriously injured when the four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (ATV) he was driving through the trails behind his house rolled over.

As a result of his injuries, Pete is unable to work and has incurred $75,000 in medical bills.

Pete has filed a lawsuit against the ATV manufacturer to receive compensation for the financial harm resulting from his injuries.

He claims that the manufacturer defectively designed the ATV, causing it to have a tendency to roll over on rough terrain.

The ATV manufacturer claims that the ATV is not defectively designed and that the rollover was caused by Pete driving at an excessive rate of speed around a corner.

Consider the steps in civil litigation and ADR, and assess the factors that Pete and the ATV manufacturer will consider when deciding whether they should settle this lawsuit.

If you were Pete’s lawyer, what resolution would you advise? Be sure to consider the primary forms of ADR and all ADR factors described in the lesson and textbook.

Finally, research and select at least one case from an outside source to support your resolution to the ATV case.

Your answer should be a minimum of 500 words. Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from these sources.

Use APA format to properly reference your information.

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Human Sexual Behavior; Abortion

Human Sexual Behavior.

Human Sexual Behavior
Human Sexual Behavior

Abortion; Human Sexual Behavior

What according to lecture, do we know about women who have abortions in the United States (choose 2-3 demographic, statistical descriptors covered in lecture.)

According to lecture, Americans are paradoxically more likely to be against abortion politically than are people in other wealthy countries (like Germany or France), but also more likely to have abortions than people in those countries.

Name 2 reasons from lecture that help to explain why our rates of pregnancy termination are higher than those in other wealthy countries.

Finally, what do you think? Do you identify as “pro-life,” “pro-choice” (neither? not sure?)

How, in your opinion, should laws and policies deal with this controversial issue?

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