Alternative Dispute Resoultion/ Walmart and Unions

Topic: Alternative Dispute Resoultion/ Walmart and Unions

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Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The topic I choose for this paper is Wal-mart and their continued
efforts to remain a union free environment. I would like to show a
correlation between their current stance and how they will be affected
if the employee free choice act is implemented.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to a continuum of
processes and approaches designed to resolve disputes in a manner
which avoids the cost, delay, and unpredictability of more traditional
adversarial and adjudicatory processes such as litigation,
arbitrations, hearings, and appeals. ADR offers the parties the
opportunity to address and resolve issues in a cordial, cooperative,
and collaborative manner. In lieu of engaging in acrimonious
negotioations, the parties should seek to interact as colleagues not
adversaries, as partners not disputants, as problem solvers not

Since organizational and employee relations embrace principled,
interst-based bargaining as a means to resolve disputes and reach
agreement collaboratively, the following is the paper assignment:

Paper Requirement
select to negotiate using the interest-based bargaining process as
described in Fisher�s and Ury�s book, Getting to Yes: Negotiating
Agreement Without Giving In.

Describe a self-selected social, personal, educational, or
professional issue and address it as follows:
1.Define the Issue
2.Identify Interests (similar or competing)
3.Identify Options to Address the Identified Interests)
4.Establish Standards/Objective Criteria by which to measure the Options
5.Whittle down the list of many quantified options
6.Describe the Agreement reached.

While internet sources are good, please try to use educational sources.