Beyoncé;Response to Lemonade Video


Description: Response to Lemonade

Your goal for this assignment is to pick a particular part of Beyoncé’s lemonade video—you could pick one song, you could pick one topic—clothes, food, etc. and explain your interpretation.

In class, we will discuss many different aspects of the video album, so pick a topic that is most interesting to you. Then, write an essay discussing or demonstrating your analysis.

We have read a few articles, where authors picked a specific topic to discuss in relation to Beyoncé. Consider their specificity in analyzing each topic.

You would not want to simply state that you are discussing heritage in Lemonade. You could, however, state that you wanted to analyze the Creole elements in one particular song.


Narrow down a topic. Pick 2 to 3 scenes to analyze. Write 2-3 page essay.

Humanities; Identify Passages Below



Identify the passages below.

Identify the;
  • author,
  • title of the piece, and
  • context/what is going on in the passage/analysis.

Title and author will be worth a total of 1 point; the context/analysis will be worth 3 points.

The context/analysis should be answered in at most 3 sentences (going over will entail a -1/3 penalty per answer).

Part I will be worth 12 points.

1. “All the senators acceded to his opinion one after the other, until it came to Caius Caesar, who afterwards became dictator.

At this time, however, he was a young man still and at the very beginning of his rise to power, but in his public policy and his hopes he had already entered upon that road by which he changed the Roman state into a monarchy.

His designs were still unnoticed by the rest, but to Cicero he had given many grounds for suspicion…”


2. “As master of the college I celebrated the secular games for the college of the Fifteen, with my colleague Marcus Agrippa, when Gaius Furnius and Gaius Silanus were consuls (17 B.C.E.).

Consul for the thirteenth time (2 B.C.E.), I celebrated the first games of Mas, which after that time thereafter in following years, by a senate decree and a law, the consuls were to celebrate.

Twenty-six times, under my name or that of my sons and grandsons, I gave the people hunts of African beasts in the circus…”


3. “When, dearest, I say or do something which pleases you, play with your ring and keep turning it with your fingers.

When you are praying some great disaster befall your husband (he deserves it), touch the table with your hand.

Don’t let your husband lean against you. And don’t rest your pretty head on his ugly chest…”


Part 2:


Pick 3 of the essays below. For each essay topic, write an essay that does not exceed the word limit. In the end, you should have 3 essays at 250 words each.

Each essay is worth 4 points, for a total of 12 points.

1.What was the Bona Dea incident?

How did Cicero play a part in this affair and how did Julius Caesar feel about it?

What was the long term outcome considering Clodius’s career and its impacts on Cicero?

Answer in at most 250 words. Going over the word limit ensures a -1/3 penalty.

2.What are some traits and events associated with Livia?

Discuss specific examples from your documentary and lecture.

Answer in at most 250 words. Going over the word limit ensures a -1/3 penalty.

3.How did Augustus maintain a façade of power?

Give specific examples from lecture and the documentaries we watched.

Answer in at most 250 words. Going over the word limit ensures a -1/3 penalty.

4.Discuss Ovid’s Ars Amatoria. What language does he employ to describe men and women?

How or why is this language problematic?

What are the gender dynamics Ovid represents?

In particular, from our modern perspective, how does he problematically represent women?

Give specific examples from Ars Amatoria in your answer. Answer in at most 250 words.