Natural Selection and Mutation; Health Issues

Natural Selection.

Natural Selection
Natural Selection

In Unit IV you have learned about natural selection and mutation relative to health issues like TB and head lice.

Take the same concepts and apply them to pesticide and herbicide use in farming.

Explain what the potential consequences are for the pests, humans and the environment.

Genetics Exam Final Paper



Genetics Final is going to be the 5/17/2018 from 10.15 to 12.15                     (2h, with no interruptions):


-MCQ: “research paper”, mutation, population genetics, and evolution.
-Open question: cumulative (all)

The final will be worth 195 pts and will “possibly” include a question very similar to Q3 in the assignment (worth 10pts).
I will share the exam via WatsApp
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Evaluation of Genetic Data

Evaluation of Genetic Data

You have been given a dataset containing Identifiler® genotypes from 200 individuals. Your first task is to analyse this dataset in terms of its potential usefulness as a database for individual identification purposes.
In an investigation being carried out in an Arab country, a match has been observed between a DNA profile generated from a crime scene stain and the DNA profile generated from a white Caucasian male arrested by police. The DNA profile generated is shown below:
D8S1179 8, 17
D21S11 34, 34.2
D7S820 9, 9
CSF1PO 8, 14
D3S1358 14, 14
TH01 8, 10
D13S317 9, 10
D16S539 14, 15
D2S1338 19, 19
D19S433 11, 14.2
vWA 18, 18
TPOX 10, 10
D18S51 11, 19
D5S818 8, 9
FGA 18.2, 19.2
Match probability estimates using this database have been provided for the investigation but the defence team has raised the inappropriateness of the database as an issue.Your second task is to evaluate why the defence team may have raised this issue.
You must present your results in a scientific manner (take a look at published articles) detailing every analysis carried out and discussing the results obtained.
Please work on my paper, produce tables, graphs ....etc.. and I will upload previous work who someone done it last year but please use some of the references and look at the tables how it was produced. but please this paper is in the university database therefore avoid copying it.... I don't need the writing the only thing I need produce all required tables, but I am not sure this paper is correct %100
You can find the followings references useful for the course work if you type them in Google please:
1. Genetic variation and population structure of Sudanese populations as indicated by 15 Identifiler sequence-tagged repeat (ST