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Environmental studies

Environmental studies The essay question is: “Choose an ethical dilemma arising from an environmental issue, present moral arguments from two different perspectives in environmental ethics? Choose two from the following list: Anthropocentric, Ecocentric, Biocentric and Ecofeminist perspectives. Be sure to support your arguments with references to ethical theory and using examples.” ALSO, a minimum of […]

Outlook and trends for travel industry in health and wellness

List trend or outlook Discuss pros of this trends and repercussions to the industry Discuss cons of this trend and repercussion to the industry. the paper should be 5-7 pages with maximum of 1 inch margins and 12 point type. font. Acquire and use 5 references, U you should list those listed in the chapter […]

Digestive Concepts Discussion

Locate an article, blog, or website that speaks to a 6! disease process of choice-Celiac Disease is my 5 disease process of choice Please make sure that I will have access to the article blog, or website I will have to have further discussions on the topic Answer the following: Critically analyze, and discuss the […]


Take a look at the cases in Magee on page 376 in the purple box. Please choose EITHER case number 5, subacromial bursitis vs biceps tendonitis, OR case number 7, anterior instability vs supraspinatus tendinitis. Answer the following questions: 1. What 3 history questions would you ask to help you get more information about her […]


If you were writing an essay on abortion, how could you incorporate the following quotations into your own paragraphs? Your goal is to make sure that your quotations or paraphrases are relevant to your thesis, are commented on, and are blended with your own words. (In other words, the reader should understand why you chose […]

Pop Can Scenario

you are being asked to develop and analyze a “Pop Can Scenario.” The analogy is that of a pop can in the middle of a table: You can have a number of people sitting at the table around looking at the same pop can – and everyone will recognize it as a pop can – […]

The Department of Education

The paper for unit 5 is your choice of the following cabinets-level departments: treasury, education or justice. Here are the definitions for these departments according to (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. Department of Education ( (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site.) The mission of the […]


The report must include 5 valid references. 1) Give a general overview of the chosen drug. It can be a legal or illegal drug. 2) Discuss potential and actual problem (s) with the drug 3) Discuss evidence that supports the actual use and dangers of the drugs (such as use rate within a given population […]


Annotated Bibliography 1200 words (minimum) This assignment is an intermediate step towards writing the final project. Consider your thinking about deception in your personal reflection: how can you expand that discussion of deception into a bigger, more developed and researched project? What kinds of sources can you find that you might be able to use? […]

Course Project Task I

Your local town is addressing the following issues in its law-making: Should people under 18 be subjected to legal curfews or restricted driving privileges? Should libraries be required to install filtering software or otherwise censor the materials that they provide? Should insurance companies in your state be required to pay for breast reconstruction, birth control […]

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