Occupy Movement Investigation

Occupy Movement.

Occupy Movement
Occupy Movement

Investigate the Occupy movement that was born out of the recent economic recession.

Write short reflective papers about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the movement in terms of framing a national discussion and report on what the movement has actually accomplished or has failed to accomplish.


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Social Problem Solving In A Company

Social Problem.

Social Problem
Social Problem


Case Study Essay question:
  1. Discuss the work of an organization in trying to solve a social problem.
  2. You need to situate the social problem in its economic and political context.
  3. The social problem could be anything. For example homelessness, underage drinking and so on.


Augmented Solow Model Essay

Augmented Solow Model.

Augmented Solow Model
Augmented Solow Model

In this section; You will write an essay to argue against or in support of the Augmented Solow Model.

Analysis to long-term outcomes of economic growth and development.

Use your own intuition but also help yourself with journal or blog articles.

Graphs and tables (if necessary, can be added in as an appendix).

My requirements:
  1. make your statement support or against this model related to long term economic development
  2. analyze the model and use data,table

Supply And Demand; Required Reading

Supply And Demand
Supply And Demand

For a simple introduction to the concepts of supply and demand, take a look at these animated videos from Professors Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen of George Mason University.

These videos will give you the basics of both the demand and supply curves:

Tabarrok, A. & Cowen, T. (2015) The demand curve. Marginal Revolution University.


Tabarrok, A. & Cowen, T. (2015) The supply curve. Marginal Revolution University.


Now go slightly deeper into these topics and read Chapters 1 and 3 from the following book.

Don’t worry, these chapters are short and will give you an introduction to the main topics of this module:

Stengel, D. (2012). Managerial Economics Principles. Flat World Education.


Finally, read Chapters 3 and 5 of the following book to get a more detailed overview of the concepts for this module.

Pay special attention to the “Self-Check Questions” at the end of each section, which include the solutions.

Before submitting the Case Assignment, it is best to test your knowledge of the concepts with the practice questions in this book:

Taylor, T. (2014) Principles of Microeconomics. OpenStax College.