Ecological Modernization Assessment

Ecological Modernization.

Ecological Modernization
Ecological Modernization

Critically assess whether ecological modernization is essential, or not, for the achievement of sustainable development.

Attached are the requirements of what this essay plan should include as a MINIMUM. You can add in other things which you think are necessary.

Attached is a list of references which my lecturer has provided for the topic.

You should make use of some of them BUT majority of the references should be from you, not just from the list i have given you.DO NOT RELY SOLELY on this given list.

My lecturer has emphasized on further research being a criteria for a high 1st class grade which is what i expect please.

You should include further information from research to show more knowledge.

Attached is my lecture slide on Ecological modernization to give you an idea of what we focus on in the lecture. But please do not just copy what is there, I have provided it for you in order to show you what areas we have touched.

Food Web And Succession Of Species

Food web.

Food web
Food web
Given that climate change is rapidly altering many species’ habitats, forcing some to die or migrate;

1) explain how this could dramatically affect food web (a few sentences)

2) Via “succession of species”, how might habitat loss/change create new opportunities for some species as well ? (a few sentences)


In part 1, be sure to include factors of;
  • elevation,
  • weather events,
  • abiotic resources such as more water or sunshine.

In part 2, please include a mention of how producers, consumers, detritivores, and decomposers factor in to this equation.

Points Possible: 30 total points