Information Systems – E-commerce

The research strategy should be focused around answering the following questions/goals:

Provide a description of the subject area (E-Commerce).
What types of information systems are involved?
What are the latest trends related to the subject area?
What benefits are expected to be provided by IS?
What are some of the IS-related challenges related to the subject area?

E-Business Management

Topic: E-Business Management

Description: [?]

Preferred language style: English (U.K.)

Examine the Web site of one of the e-distributors listed in Figure
12.9 (as below or see your core text, Chapter 12) and compare and
contrast it to one of the Web sites listed for e-procurement Net
marketplaces. If you were a business manager of a medium-sized firm,
how would you decide where to purchase your indirect inputs – from an
e-distributor or an e-procurement Net marketplace? Write a short
report detailing your analysis.

that is the description of the coursework, I will upload the figure
12.9 and i prefer one of the websites examined to be (Staples)

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