Qualitative Research; Essay Writing

Qualitative Research.

Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research

The focus of this discussion is on reading, interpreting, and evaluating qualitative research.

The goal is to discuss all three methods: phenomenology, grounded theory, and ethnography.

The ethnography article was selected because of its focus on motivational interviewing.

This is a counseling strategy you may find very useful as nurse practitioners in order to promote changes in health behaviors.

Write a 300-word message in which you:
  1. discuss all three methods: phenomenology, grounded theory, and ethnography.
  2. Summarize the findings of the study by describing the research question and method (sample, data collection, and analysis).
  3. Identify the major strengths and limitations of this study.
  4. Address how your findings could apply to your program of study, as well as to your present and future practice.

Include a reference page identifying the article you selected using APA guidelines. Future Practice will be Family Nurse Practitioners. Please read carefully the article. Dot not invent. all writing needs to be base from article. Thank You.

Normal Distributions; Statistics Expert

Normal Distributions.

Normal Distributions
Normal Distributions

In this portfolio project, you will be collecting a set of data and
analyzing the characteristics of the Normal Distributions. Provide yourself with plenty of time to complete step 1.

Part 1

Collect a set of data with at least 30 data points. The data should be quantitative, which means that it should be measured using numbers.

You can be as creative as you’d like, but here are some suggestions for things that you can survey;
  • the heights of a large number of people
  • number of pages in a set of books on a bookshelf
  • the number of hits earned by different professional baseball players in a season
Part 2

Create a visual representation of your data. If the data is continuous, use a histogram. If the data is discrete, use a bar graph.

Make sure to label the axes with appropriate titles and incorporate the appropriate scale on each axis.

Part 3
Respond to the following questions.

1. What are the mean and standard deviation of the set of data?
2. Does the data follow a normal distribution? Be sure to mathematically justify your answer.
3. Answer one of the following questions.
a. If your sample follows a normal distribution, does this makes sense to you? Explain why.

If your sample does not follow a normal distribution (e.g., it could be skewed left or right, have a uniform distribution, or have some other shape), then why might this be the reason?

4. Describe your survey process. What are some sources of possible bias in your sample? Alternatively, what did you do to ensure a random sample?

5. What is a set of data that you would like to study in the future? How could you go about ensuring an unbiased random sample?


Make sure to submit your data set from Part 1, your histogram or bar graph from Part 2, and your responses to the questions in Part 3.

Quantitative Research Literature Review

Quantitative Research.

Quantitative Research
Quantitative Research

I have a number of projects with completed data collection and analysis and require support for the literature review and discussion writing.

I work in business and management. Based on your profile I think you would be very appropriate.

This is an ongoing project with the need of about 5000 words per paper. Please quote on fixed cost per 1000 words

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

Do you believe that your level of academic writing is fit for publishing in a top journal such as the Journal of International Business Studies.