Formula News Story; Do research

Formula News Story
Formula News Story

Post The Formula News Story You Have Selected, Do Research To Expand Your Knowledge About The Story., Post The News Story With These Additions That You Feel Make It Better For Understanding More About The Story.

Much of what passes for news is formula reporting that does little to add to your knowledge.

The best journalism informs you and increases your greater understanding of an event or situation.

For this assignment you are to find one formula news story that does little to help your understanding and then improve it.

Continue by doing the following:

1. Post the formula news story you have selected.

a. This must be a current news story from a commonly available source, such as the New York Times, the Oregonian, Buzz-feed, etc.
b. Choose one that is a simple news story with low levels of depth, analysis and explanation. These simple stories tend to be short, just basic information about a crime or event, leaving out context and wider explanation.
c. Post this full story first on the assignment page.

2. Do research to expand your knowledge about the story.

a. First identify some questions that you have about the original story. These range from general questions: Why is this happening now, How many times has this happened in the recent past, to background context, such as How does this compare to previous incidents, or how many people per year are affected by this issue, or is this something unique to only American society?
b. Second do research to answer your questions. The easiest route is to go to and start by reading through reader comments. Even Wikipedia is a useful source for overall information and context. Select those elements that are supported and add to understanding.
c. Choose at least 2 detailed/reliable sources for your additional information.

3. Post the news story with these additions that you feel make it better for understanding more about the story. This should relate to understanding individuals, social forces, causes or consequences in the story.

a. Post the original full story and then insert, with highlighting, the additions that you have made to it.                                                                      b. Make sure that these additions answer the questions that you asked in Point # 2 above.                                                                                                         c. Make sure that the additions are informative to the reader, and not just trivial information.

Following are 2 examples of submissions which did a good job of identifying and addressing missing information in a news story:

Media Communications; Trump Administration

Media Communications
Media Communications
Question to Answer:

Should the Trump Administration allow AT&T to merge with TimeWarner, and, if it does, how might the combination of the companies affect the various channels of media we have discussed this semester?


Your essay will need to quote from at least one mainstream source favoring one side and at least one source favoring the other (appropriate news sources will include or be of the stature of such as

  • The Washington Post newspaper,
  • Fox News,
  • Wired magazine,
  • The Economist magazine,
  • National Review magazine,
  • Newsweek,
  • NPR,
  •, etc.).

You are encouraged to choose from more academic research as well.

These articles can be found through Google Scholar (


Your essay should be written in a traditional academic format with sources noted in a way that I can easily find them.

It should summarize both the benefits and drawbacks proposed by your source(s) for and against the merger.

Having explained the issue from the point of view of both sides, provide your analysis of the best way for the issue to be decided.

Social Media Platforms; Learning Communication

Social Media Platforms.

Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms

Learning To Communicate Globally Through The Social Media Platforms


Integrate the positive and negative effects of social media making global communication easily accessible.


When using social media, the communication barrier of distance is eliminated.

This comes with obvious benefits, but it also comes with extra challenges due to the increased potential for misunderstandings with cultural differences and language barriers.

The person that knows how to use communication opportunities will have a strong advantage in their work and in their networking and relationships.

This assignment has two parts to it.
Part 1:

Locate and study social media pages of businesses that are making an effort to market their product globally.

You can use any social media platform you choose.

Examine what you believe the companies are doing well and what can be improved.

Look for ways in which their communication are clear to a large number of people, breaking through language and cultural barriers.

Also look for ways in which the pages could be improved due to the limitations and challenges of global communication.

After you have studied several pages that are seeking to reach a large number of people, choose three of them.


Choose the page that you feel does the best job overall.

Describe why you feel like this social media page was the best one that you viewed.

Take a screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.


Choose one that needs improvement.

Describe what you see that needs improvement in their effort to reach people globally.

Take a screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.


Choose one that most closely represents the type of page that you might create in the future.

If you have no interest or potential need for ever creating a social media page that is intended to reach the masses globally, then choose one that you are interested in and like.

Describe why you chose this social media page as the one that you can best relate to or like the best.

Take a screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.


Do not use the same social media page for more than one of these three choices.

For example, do not say that one social media page was the best and also the one that you would be most likely to create a similar page as.

In other words, do not use one social media page for both 1A and 1C. You need to choose three separate pages in total.

Part 2:

Now you will use what you have learned to create your own social media page with the intent of reaching the masses.

You will not need to actually create a page on a social media platform.

Creating a fake company or organization online could obviously cause problems.

Instead, emulate the formatting of a social media page, and create it so that you can submit it to your instructor.

Take what you learned from Part 1 to create the best fake social media page you can on an imaginary company or organization of your choice.

Your company or organization can be anything you want, just ensure that it is class-appropriate.

Describe what you learned in this assignment and how you incorporated that knowledge into your social media page.

Communicable Diseases: Communication Report

Communicable Diseases.

Communicable Diseases
Communicable Diseases

For this assignment, you have to take on the role of a human services administrator charged by the Department of Health with the responsibility of communicating to various constituencies about the recent outbreak of a communicable disease within a specific community.

You will now need to write three communication messages appropriate to the following groups—youths, parents, and medical staff—one communication message per group.

Part A: Analysis Plan

Explain what media and forms of communication (at least one of which will be verbal) you would employ to communicate with each group—youths, parents, and medical staff—that will be most effective with these audiences.

Identify two to three conflicts that could potentially arise with any one of the constituents and the strategies you would employ to resolve the conflicts.

Prioritize and explain the most pertinent aspects of the message to be conveyed to each group.

Part B: Communication Memos

Compose in detail three different communication messages that appropriately match each group of recipients—youths, parents, and medical staff—regarding the recent outbreak of the communicable disease.

One of the messages should be a script for a verbal communication.

Consider the following aspects when composing your messages—the;
  • recipient,
  • context,
  • content, and
  • delivery variables.
Part C: Application of Theory

Explain which communication theories you applied to the situation that influenced your approach to handling this problem.

Submission Details:

By the due date assigned, prepare a 7- to 9-page analysis paper. Your response should rely upon sources from professional literature.

This may include;

Write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources (i.e., APA format); and use accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.