Communication;Capstone Assignment



Communication. You are a member of the Human Resources Department of a medium-sized organization that is implementing a new inter-organizational system that will impact employees, customers, and suppliers.

Your manager has requested that you work with the system development team to create a plan for the project.

He would like to meet with you in two hours to review your thoughts on the key objectives of the plan.

What should those objectives be?

You are the newest member on the IT development team contracted to implement an enterprise resource planning system for a small retail chain.

You are surprised after the project’s initial kick-off meeting that no one was there to represent the client.

Following the meeting, you encounter the project manager in the hallway. What do you say?

Key points;

1, at-least 2 references
2,try to avoid plagiarism with valued content
3, 200 to 250 words

Communication Report;Communication

Communication Report.

Communication Report
Communication Report
For this assignment;

Communication Report.

You have to take on the role of a human services administrator charged by the Department of Health with the responsibility of communicating to various constituencies about the recent outbreak of a communicable disease within a specific community.

You will now need to write three communication messages appropriate to the following groups—youths, parents, and medical staff—one communication message per group.

Part A: Analysis Plan

•Explain what media and forms of communication (at least one of which will be verbal) you would employ to communicate with each group—youths, parents, and medical staff—that will be most effective with these audiences.

•Identify two to three conflicts that could potentially arise with any one of the constituents and the strategies you would employ to resolve the conflicts.

•Prioritize and explain the most pertinent aspects of the message to be conveyed to each group.

Part B: Communication Memos

• Compose in detail three different communication messages that appropriately match each group of recipients—youths, parents, and medical staff—regarding the recent outbreak of the communicable disease.

One of the messages should be a script for a verbal communication.

Consider the following aspects when composing your messages;

  1. the recipient,
  2. the context,
  3. the content, and
  4. delivery variables.
Part C: Application of Theory

•Explain which communication theories you applied to the situation that influenced your approach to handling this problem.

Submission Details:

•By the due date assigned, prepare a 7 page analysis paper.

Your response should rely upon sources from professional literature.

This may include the Argosy University online library resources, relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, or .gov).

Write in a clear, concise, and organized manner;

demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources (i.e., APA format); and use accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Effective Team Communication;Deliverable 5

Effective Team Communication
Effective Team Communication

Examine team member communication, collaboration, and strategies for developing Effective Team Communication.

Scenario Information

As a leader, you have been tasked with building a team whose purpose is to recommend a new performance evaluation system.

The current system is outdated and greatly reduces employee morale each year.


As the leader of this problem-solving team, you are tasked with ensuring the team has effective communication, in essence, developing team intelligence.

You have observed the team and noticed some challenges that have arisen in the team thus far, such as communication and team conflict.

The company has asked you for a one-page report outlining the challenges of the team and your recommendations.

In your report, you will want to:
  • Describe communication challenges team members often face.
  • Assess strategies you can use to resolve team conflict.
  • Discuss team mental models and how best to use them to build effective team communication.
  • Provide your recommendations of conflict strategy, which team mental model to use, and how to manage team intelligence strategically.

Social Media Platforms; Learning Communication

Social Media Platforms.

Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms

Learning To Communicate Globally Through The Social Media Platforms


Integrate the positive and negative effects of social media making global communication easily accessible.


When using social media, the communication barrier of distance is eliminated.

This comes with obvious benefits, but it also comes with extra challenges due to the increased potential for misunderstandings with cultural differences and language barriers.

The person that knows how to use communication opportunities will have a strong advantage in their work and in their networking and relationships.

This assignment has two parts to it.
Part 1:

Locate and study social media pages of businesses that are making an effort to market their product globally.

You can use any social media platform you choose.

Examine what you believe the companies are doing well and what can be improved.

Look for ways in which their communication are clear to a large number of people, breaking through language and cultural barriers.

Also look for ways in which the pages could be improved due to the limitations and challenges of global communication.

After you have studied several pages that are seeking to reach a large number of people, choose three of them.


Choose the page that you feel does the best job overall.

Describe why you feel like this social media page was the best one that you viewed.

Take a screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.


Choose one that needs improvement.

Describe what you see that needs improvement in their effort to reach people globally.

Take a screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.


Choose one that most closely represents the type of page that you might create in the future.

If you have no interest or potential need for ever creating a social media page that is intended to reach the masses globally, then choose one that you are interested in and like.

Describe why you chose this social media page as the one that you can best relate to or like the best.

Take a screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.


Do not use the same social media page for more than one of these three choices.

For example, do not say that one social media page was the best and also the one that you would be most likely to create a similar page as.

In other words, do not use one social media page for both 1A and 1C. You need to choose three separate pages in total.

Part 2:

Now you will use what you have learned to create your own social media page with the intent of reaching the masses.

You will not need to actually create a page on a social media platform.

Creating a fake company or organization online could obviously cause problems.

Instead, emulate the formatting of a social media page, and create it so that you can submit it to your instructor.

Take what you learned from Part 1 to create the best fake social media page you can on an imaginary company or organization of your choice.

Your company or organization can be anything you want, just ensure that it is class-appropriate.

Describe what you learned in this assignment and how you incorporated that knowledge into your social media page.