SHELL model; Assignment

SHELL model.

SHELL model
SHELL model

SHELL model

  1. List and explain the four interfaces, and the components of the four interfaces, of the SHELL model
  2. Explain the progressive relationship between human physiology, human psychology, human performance and performance limitations, and human error.
  3. Illustrate that progression with general examples.
  4. Explain how aviation safety can be improved by improving the hardware through ergonomics and human factors design considerations. Provide examples.
  5. Explain the human factors issues related to an aviation operation other than fixed-wing flight operations (for instance, air traffic control, maintenance, airport operations, helicopter, UAV, or Next gen).

Biological Weapon Progress

Topic: Biological Weapon Progress

Description: [?]
Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

Track the possible progress of a biological weapon from the interior of Africa to Mombassa, Kenya (via boat), to New York City, New York (via air), and finally to Hartford, Connecticut (via rail). How could international security systems detect and prevent such a catastrophe?

12 Point Times New Roman

Non-US ownership of US airlines

Topic: Non-US ownership of US airlines

Description: [?]
Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

The paper is concerning the foreign ownership of US airlines. I need
an outline and also a presentation of the paper in the form of a
powerpoint. It has to show the key points of the paper and include
citations and and references.