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International art business should be regulated by national and international laws
Project description
1. Identification and application of a range of relevant legal art business issues. 2. Justification of such identification and application.
3. Demonstration of critical analytical abilities.
4. Clarity and balance of relevant issues and justification given
5. Academic presentation (terminology, citation, style, spelling, grammar, syntax).

For-Profit-Share Forms of Trading
? unlimited liability freelancers and partnerships
? limited liability partnerships and companies

Not-For-Profit-Share Forms of Trading
? trusts & foundations
? tax-exempt status
? perpetuities & accumulations
? public authorities
? partnerships and companies

Art Business Contracts
? contract formation
? breaches and remedies
? avoiding legal disputes
? using lawyers & costs

Selling Work (1)
? auctions & consumer protection
? contracts of sale
? agents & dealers Seminar

Selling Work (2)
? import & sales taxes
? estate taxes
? export controls & war loot
? droit de suite/artists resale right

Droit de Suite Research
Provenance & Due Diligence
? key issues
? authorship
? proofs
? problems & solutions

Intellectual Property #1
? rationale and global context
? international treaties and conventions
? copyright #1

Intellectual Property #2
? copyright #2

Intellectual Property #3
? statutory moral rights
? other IPR

Referencing Requirements:
International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR):
Lydiate, Henry (2012). What is Art?
A brief review of international judicial interpretations of art in the light of the UK Supreme Court’s judgment in the Star Wars case: Lucasfilm v. Ainsworth
Journal of International Media and Entertainment Law, American Bar Association, 2012-2013, Volume 4, Number 2:
Lydiate, Henry (1976 to date). Artlaw Archive:

Abbing, Hans. (2007). Why Are Artists Poor? Amsterdam University Press
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Putnam Publishing Group.
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Sax, Joseph. (2001). Playing Darts with a Rembrandt. The University of Michigan Press.


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